Whilst we are all in this present situation during Covid-19 - I believe we have all been noticing our decor & to provide inspiration & cheering both ourselves & rooms up we could think about home decorating which in itself can be quite daunting I.e where to start, what colours to choose & which wall to paint & which wall to wall paper or completely paint erm ok lets see - this is not going to be expensive - my tips below.

1. I would never allow my clients when I am designing their room areas to just plough ahead with the chosen colour before applying a sample of colour(s) 1st - apply the sample to a 20" sq if you can on a lining paper this will offer the paint to be a true reflection to area - put at least 3 pieces of same to different areas in different light there are always darker & lighter wall areas during day & keep looking at the colour & imagine full walls done give yourself at least 48 hours & after then you are still unsure it's not for you but if you like result then feel confident to purchase quantity & away you go - if your 1st choice didn't work back to the drawing board.

2. Ceilings- I like a white or off white ceiling unless were depicting a theme perhaps a game - sport or something similar but main living areas white always offers fresh light & space & same with woodwork - doors maybe in a wood effect & can provide a fabulous feature in themselves.

3. Feature walls - these can be in a contrasting colour or wall paper. Which wall then should be the feature wall - well my answer to that would be it doesn't always mean the chimney breast wall- a feature wall can be depicted almost anywhere & again use same process as item 1 on either paint or wall paper.

4. Wall papers - this is a mind field as there are so many choices out there & from 10.00 roll to 100's - it doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive to provide a fabulous finish /feature but if using wall papers in a bathroom/moist areas obtain the recommended products for these areas- Always follow application advice too - this can prevent mistakes.

5. Once we have obtained the colour we like & matched to a paper or featured wall which can be imaging photos murals or creating art to wall areas in the cases time to start decorating - PREPARATION of areas are key I.E removing furnishings, dusts sheets to furniture that cannot be taken out of room, masking to areas - using the correct tools - paste tables & steps where necessary not forgetting safety of course - when done stand back - admire & enjoy & don't forget the well earned cup of tea ☕

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