Commercial & Hospitality


The Brief:

The clients Nicola and Ingrid directors of the company contacted me to enquire if there was any possibility of helping them to achieve necessary design and installation of their new business venue that was required to be ready for their opening 24.8.21 the appointment for assessment was made - and I met up with Nicola and Ingrid at the new business venue in west street Swadlincote and was shown around both floors - the areas where ideal and already the building had the features necessary to create the format of that would be necessary for what their new business was going to offer.

The Space:

The style of the property was victorian - estimated 1880 - the front entrance was split into 2 divided ground floor rooms with good show windows, the front windows would have been installed when the property was originally built - providing a great ambiance to the design - there was already a bar area - rear wooden planked wall and vintage tiles to kitchen area - this was certainly the providing factor to create an industrial type design with the features of beach huts which was a main factor for the hot seating which was part of the service Nicola and Ingrid wished to provide - the 2 staircases leading off from each main downstairs rooms - where of a victorian style and wooden cladded to the walls again providing the right theme we needed.

What we proposed:

Proposals where put in to provide the design of beach style huts with a wooden cladded roof to each pod, one of the back walls to the 2nd downstair room was already done in chip boarding and this allowed to create the main structure of the pods in the same material - advised to wood wax the main wall and varnish the pods once created to provide care management to the timbers - a meter cabinet to be created to disguise necessary fixtures - paint in logo colours a wooden slatted wall area using all 3 colours dark green, orange and dark blue paint other areas in dark grey - and corridor in the dark green blue from logo and W.C leading from this area in the dark green - features would also include plank shelving with the metal brackets to the bar area - all desks in manufactured in MDF and a black wrought iron tripod base - the pods to have a fixed MDF desk top - and all the MDF desks tops to be spray painted in the dark grey. Lighting in black wired effect to hang from main ceiling in certain areas and over the bar the area - vintage lamp to sit on bar - and Nicola and Ingrid carefully managed to choose vintage style cake stands for cakes that would be offered with their coffee sales. Upstairs W.C to be painted and designed same as downstairs - and all other areas painted white to walls - desks would also be presented to this area on same design. chairs was suggested in a plastic tub with black metal legs and all of the logo colours mixed.

Pod design & materials:

The sources for design and materials where carefully managed between the joiner and ourself, Briwax for wood waxing from amazon.


Sourced by the client


We accompanied the client on a trip to IKEA to obtain plants for features, kitchen crockery utensils, shelves for W.C - cacti's in pots and accessories.


Tub Chairs sourced by us from Pash - in orange, dark green and blue.

Other areas created by Andy our handyman - who created from off cuts of chip-boarding - shelf units to areas that Nicola and Ingrid required.


Decorating was necessary and Ali decorators was appointed to carry out the work to all internal of premises and provided with a specification for colours.

Project timescale:

Phoenix joinery was immediately appointed and the work was carried out from end June to near date of 20.8.21 by all sub-contractors.

Tradespeople appointed:

Phoenix joinery, Ali decorators, paint sprayers appointed by clients - Andy handy services - clients appointed their electrician.

Further Information:

The work was conducted to full satisfaction and fulfilled the full design and function that the client's had wished for to conduct their business needs - everything went really well & formal opening of the business was fully admired by all delegates and visitors.


"Marguerite was instrumental in helping us to achieve our vision in creating the IN Enterprise Hub & IN Work Hub in Swadlincote. Not only did Marguerite add inspiration to our ideas, she helped to supply much of the furniture and fittings we needed within our time frame and our budget. We are so pleased with the final result. The IN Enterprise Hub & Work Hub is a warm, inviting place to work and certainly attracts a lot of attention from passers by."

IN Enterprise Hub